Marble Sculptures

Marble Sculptures

Copper Beech Gallery also has some large marble statues on offer. These vary in size from 1m x .75m to 2.3 metres high.

The statues were designed an award winning artist based in Vietnam. He believes that the artistic value of all sculptures are priceless

They are then produced by his team. We watched them being worked on as they were being finished, they were all hand rubbed while holding a running hose.

They are all are solid marble.

They are very beautiful and will add elegance to your garden or courtyard.

Sculptures range in price from $10,000 upwards.

Lady 1 (front view)

Lady 1 (front view)

Stylized image of the lady. 2.05 m

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Marble Sculptures

Spring Close Friendship Lady 1 (front view) Lady 1 (back view) Lady 1 (side view)
Hair Stream (front view) Hair Stream (back view) Life Cycle (front view) Life Cycle (back view)

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